Business Resource Group: A Force for Good

At Business Resource Group, we believe that small businesses anchor and help stabilize communities. Small businesses deliver the products, services and jobs that drive local economies and ensure our quality of life. At BRG, we believe that "Small Business Success is Everybody's Business"

Community & Economic Development Solutions

BRG can be a valuable partner in local planning strategies, including:

  • Community Needs
  • Assessments & Research
  • Neighborhood Revitalization
  • Small Business Outreach
Business Services & Capital Solutions

Supporting small business growth is at the core of our mission. We develop and deliver programs to sustain, support and scale small business. This in turn creates jobs, reduces poverty, sustains communities and stimulates opportunities for wealth creation.

Supply Chain Solutions

We partner with corporate, government and other institutions to increase diverse supplier spend, drive supply chain solutions and enhance program capabilities.

Making a Difference in Communities

Our work changes lives and communities while delivering measurable economic impact. Our Results Include:

Businesses Served
New Jobs Created
$ million
New Revenues Generated
$ million
Loans Funded

Our Philosophy

We Believe that Small Business Success is Everybody's Business!!! That's why we partner with corporate, government, community groups, small businesses and trade organizations to advance economic development through small business initiatives.

Ready for Services

Success Stories

Decor Interior Design

A Small Firm Prepared to Scale

Decor Interior Design is a full service Decor and Facilities Solutions firm which came to BRG as a small interior design firm with only 5 employees. As a client of BRG, Decor received strategic growth consulting and financing support which contributed to establishing three new divisions, 400% growth in revenues and the addition of 22 new employees. The company continues to receive ongoing advisory support and focused on expanding market niches, management infrastructure and asset base.

Mikhail Ogawa Engineering

Fueling Family Owned Business Growth

Mikhail Ogawa Engineering (MOE), a family owned environmental engineering firm was experiencing growth pains when enrolled into BRG's Financial Capabilities Series. Using BRG's Integrated Diagnostic Assessment and Technical Assistance tools, MOE received group-based and one-on-one financial capability consulting that helped the owners recognize the need to expand its management capacity, reduce financial risk and strengthen its financial foundation. The family run firm implemented a Customized Capacity Enhancement Plan which called for expansion of its customer base and introduction of multiple types of capital resources to support its growth. As a result, MOE has realized revenue increases of $2+ million annually, opened two new offices and added ten new staff members who are cross trained for greater sustainability.


Performance Metrics Improve Productivity

T3W is a successful woman-owned technology and enterprise solutions firm. After achieving a comfortable level of success, the company's CEO's desire to spur growth led to a realization of the need to improve productivity. With support and consulting from BRG, T3W developed key performance indicators for its management functions and key personnel. The result led to organizational restructuring, BRG financing to support a partner buy-out and investment in its sales infrastructure. New sales systems and processes were redesigned and have led to millions of dollars in new contract revenues.